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Here are descriptions of all of the workouts that we have been doing.  Continue working before the official start of the season. 
Before each workout, make sure you are adequately warmed up and stretched out.  Do each workout once per week. 

Day 1 Chest and Back
NOTE: For each one of these exercises do the max repititions that you can.  Set a number, write it down and do better the next time you try it. 

1. Standard Pushup
2. Wide Front Pull Up- Arms wider than the shoulders when you pull up
3. Military Pushup- Hands directly under the houlders.  Keep the elbows from flaring out.
4. Chinup- Palms facing your face
5. Wide Pushup- Arms wider than your shoulders
6. Close Grip Pullup- Palms facing away from the face, hands directly under the shoulder
7.Diamond Pushup- Thumbs and Index fingers touch.  Align hands below the heart.  Arms can flare out during this.
8.Wide Front Pullups
9.Judo Pushups- Pushup position with legs wide and backside in the air.  Imagine sliding under a rope and slide back under the rope in both forward and backward motion.
10. Chinup
11. Standard Pushup
12. Close Grip Pullup
13. Military Pushup
14. Wide Front Pullups
15. Diamond Pushup
16. Chinup
17. Judo Pushups
18. Stretch and Cool Down

Day 2 Plyometrics
Note: This is the most intense of the workouts.  Each exercise has a time limit of 30 seconds to 1 minute.  Do each set of 4 twice before moving onto to the next set.

1. Jumping Squat (30 seconds)- Ease into the bottom of a squat and explode up to the top of your toes, or jump if you can.
2. Run Squat (30 seconds)- Get in a stance that looks like a run. Perform 4 squats with your hands touching the ground and then jump so your feet are the other way and repeat.
3. Heisman (30 seconds)- Feet together to start.  Jump sideways and as you land bring opposite knee to the chest. 
4. Kicks (60 seconds)- Stand over a chair.  Lift one leg over the chair and then the other leg.  Go back and forth.

5. Squat jump (30 seconds)- East into the bottom of a squat and explode pushing your arms into the air.
6. Intense Run Squat (30 seconds)- Same as the run squat but jump and switch every rep.
7. Double Heisman (30 seconds)- Same as above but do two lateral steps before lefting leg.
8. Rope Hops (60 seconds)- Put something on the floor and jump over it forward and back for 30 secs and side to side for 30 secs

9. Jump Tuck (30 seconds)- Jump your knees to the chest as fast as you can.
10. Switch Lunges (30 seconds)- Get in a lunge, then jump up and switch the lunge in mid air
11. Frog squat (30 seconds)- Get into a  squat and jump two steps forward and two steps back
12. Ski move (60 seconds) - Get your feet together, stay on your toes, jump to the left, middle, right, middle, left (repeat sequence)

13. Rock Hops- Similiar to jump tuck, but this time bring your fee to your backside.  15 seconds on each side facing left and right
14. Standing Jumps (30 seconds)- From a standing position, just with one foot as far as you can and come back jumping off of the other foot.
15. Squat Jack (30 seconds)- Get in a squat position with your legs bent and do jumping jacks
16. March (60 seconds) - keep your legs straight and lift them as high up as possible.

17. Stretch and cool down

Day 3- Stretch
    Spend this day doing at least 15-20 minutes of stretching on your upper and lower body.  

Day 4- Core Work (Do Max reps unless otherwise indicated)
1. Staggered Pushup- Place one arm under your shoulder and the other arm out in front of you. Do 4 on each side and switch
2. Banana Roll- Start by lying on your back with your arms and legs 6 inches off of the ground.  Hold for 5 seconds.  Roll to your right side with you arms and legs still off the ground.  Hold for 5 seconds.  Roll to your stomach.  Hold for 5 seconds.  Roll onto your left side and hold for 5 seconds.  Repeat this sequence twice
3. Leaning Lunges- Lunge forward, bend forward, place your arms beside your ears and then place your arms behind you.  Suck in your stomach when you do this.  Do 24 reps
4. Squat Run-From a squat position, swing your arms back and forth as fast as possible. 
5. Forearm pushup- rest on your forearms with your elbows under your shoulders.  Press off of your forearms up to the straight position.
6. Bow and Boat- Start on your stomach and reach back and grab your ankles.  Every 10 seconds, roll over to the bow position where you rest on your tailbone and form a V shape.  Do this for 1 minute total
7. Lunge and Reach- Reach down beside your left foot and twist back the other way putting your arms above your head.  You can use weight if you like. Do this for 1 minute and then switch sides.
8. Pushups with leg lifts- Do a pushup, put your right knee to your chest then your left knee. Do a pushup and then jump to your feet.  Repeat sequence for 8 reps.
9. Side raise- Lying on your side, frest bottom forearm on floor with elbow directly under shoulder.  Life body off the floor raising the hips straight up.  Keep hip off of floor once you start. Repeat on the other side. 
10. Plank run- In the plank position, run in place with your feet going to your chest.  Do this for 30 seconds.
11. Walking Pushups- In the plank position- move your hands forward 4 times and back 4 times.  Do this for 60 seconds
12. Banana Roll- This time just go from your back to your front every 5 seconds.
13. Lunges- Lunge forward, straighten your back, bring arms over your head and back down.  Do 20 reps.  Use weights if you can.
14. Rope Hops (60 seconds)- Put something on the floor and jump over it forward and back for 30 secs and side to side for 30 secs
15. Reach High Pushups- Do a pushup.  Then balance your body on your left arm while reaching the right arm in the air.  Repat on the other side. (MAX REPS)
16. Rolls- From a standing position, squat down and place hands on the floor.  Roll from buttocks to back and kick legs straight in the air.  Roll up and jump as high as you can
17. Cool down and stretch.

Day 5- Legs and Back
1. Balance lunge- Place toe on a chair and squat with one leg. Repeat with both legs (25 reps)
2. Calf raise squat- Do a squat up to a toe raise
3. Chinups
4. Skaters- Place all weight on one leg and slide other leg begind body in skater motion.  25 reps
5. Wall squat- Sit on the wall with your legs in a squat for 60 seconds
6. Wide front pullups
7. Step back lunge- Do a lunge backwards (15 reps each side)
8. Side lunge- Lunge out to the side (12 each side)
9. Close grip overhand pull-up
10. Single leg wall squat- While in a wall squat, hold one leg out in front of you and alternate every 10 seconds.  Do this for 60 seconds.
11. One leg squat- Stand on one leg with the other one behind you and squat down 20 times for each leg.
12. Pullup of your choice
13. three way lunge- Lunge to the side, on a 45 degree angle and out front.  Do 8 on each side
14. Calf lunges- Do 24 lunges but stay on your toes the whole time.
15. Chinup
16. Chair sits- Pretend you are in a chair and lift your arms above your heads.  Do this for 30 seconds, take a break and do it again
17. Calf Raises
18. Wide Front Pull Up

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